We all know how much we love our teachers and staff! They do so much, going above and beyond every day of every year.

If you're looking for a gift for your teacher, fear not! Below, you will find your teacher's list of favs! From fav snacks to places to shop, you can get some great ideas to show your appreciation. If you'd like to purchase something special for their classroom, we have that information too! Jackson School teachers and staff are truly the best.



Taube, Chris

Zielke, Patty



Davis, Audrey

Hedges, Ceanna



Acker, Morgan

Rice, Azusa

O'Brien, Amy

Lam, Rachel



Hawks, Rachelle

Golay, Jill

Magdaleno, Angel



Buck, Tammie

Cox, Ashley

McClain, Julie



Chamberlain, Lindsay

Sevenau, Jeanine

Danley, Tammy

Zagyva, Alia


Life Skills:

Yamamoto, Dawne

Sadler, April



Gutierrez, Kasia



McCloud, Regina

Schmalzer, Kristina

Sweeney, Kate

Groves, Cathi

Pruss, Christa

Baller, Cindy

Magpantay, Daisy

Clayton, Erin

Hernandez, Fernando

Anthony, Laura

Kelly, Marsha

Lilja, Mary

Arellano, Neida

Hoskins, Paula

Scheradella, Robin

Wilkinson, Trina

Sluyter, Stephanie

Tidwell, Shena

Rossman, Sarah

Danielson, Amy

Garrison, Suzanne

Nguyen, Mai-Anh

Taube, Kennedy

Ceccanti, Debbie

Day, Sarah

Terry, Tawney

Wongsomadi, Xiuying

Krake, Jordan 



More coming soon...


Dana Gresli

Nicole Hines

Shannon Lowman 

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